Reservations for Oceania’s 2024-2025 Grand Voyages Now Open

Oceania Cruises recently announced its most extensive and immersive series of World and Grand Voyages for the 2024-2025 season. Its 2025 World Cruise – Around the World in 180 Days – underscores the increasing popularity of the brand’s demand for longer destination-immersive voyages.

Oceania also introduced a series of seven Grand Voyages ranging in length from 50 to 111 days. The Grand Voyages range from a spectacular 111-day expedition across the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean to an extraordinary journey that is the first of its kind – exploring three continents aboard two small, luxurious ships with an incredible multi-day Land Program in between.

“This new collection of globe-spanning itineraries includes both iconic and off the beaten path ports of call and offers a wealth of opportunities for our guests to explore the farthest corners of the globe, making the journey just as rewarding as the destination,” stated Howard Sherman, President and CEO of Oceania Cruises.

2025 World Cruise: Around the World in 180 Days
January 5, 2025 – July 3, 2025

  • 180 Days, 5 Continents, 32 Countries, 89 Ports
  • 5 Exclusive Shoreside Events
  • 7 Mid-Cruise Overland Programs
  • 21 Overnight Port Stays

Far and Wide: The Ultimate Odyssey – 74 Days
December 22, 2024 – March 6, 2025

  • 74 Days, 2 Ships, 5 Countries, 3 Continents
  • A south-of-the-equator itinerary from the Tasman Sea to the Chilean Fjords
  • A circumnavigation of Australia,  visiting 18 destinations, along with a week in New Zealand
  • A multi-week tour of Patagonian landscapes and Antarctic seascapes
  • Choice of an included 6-day Overland Program in either the Blue Mountains of Australia or northern Patagonia

Ultimate Pacific Traveler – 79 Days
October 3 – December 22, 2024

  • 79 Days, 11 Countries, 7 Overnight port stays
  • Nearly two weeks in Japan and three weeks exploring Australia and New Zealand
  • Destinations include Alaska, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia

South America Kaleidoscope – 50 Days
December 7, 2024 – January 26, 2025

  • 50 Days, 11 Countries, 6 Overnight port stays
  • Explorations of South America that includes Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay
  • Three days cruising in Antarctica and a crossing of the Panama Canal

Grand Eastern Reflections – 78 Days
December 22, 2024 – March 10, 2025

  • 78 Days, 16 Countries, 15 Overnight port stays
  • One week in India, 3 days in Myanmar, one week in Vietnam, one week in China, two weeks in Japan, three days in the Philippines, and one week in Indonesia
  • Exotic, ancient cultures and glittering, modern metropolises

Epic Continental Explorer – 111 Days
February 25 – June 17, 2025

  • 111 Days, 28 Countries, 12 Overnight port stays
  • A multi-month sojourn that spans the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Africa and beyond
  • Multiple weeks exploring the Indian Ocean and Africa, including the continent’s exotic and mysterious western shores

Patagonia to Iberia Mosaic – 63 Days
March 6 – May 8, 2025

  • 63 Days, 10 Countries, Overnight stays in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Lisbon
  • In-depth explorations of Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil
  • Off-the-beaten path immersion of Spain including Almeria, Málaga, Huelva, Melilla, and Alicante

Asia & Oceania Odyssey – 72 Days
May 22 – August 1, 2025

  • 72 Days, 12 Countries, 11 Overnight port stays
  • A blend of culture and history throughout Japan, China, and Southeast Asia mixed with the enchantment of the South Pacific and Hawaiian Islands
  • Visits to some of the world’s greatest wonders – Ha Long Bay, Great Barrier Reef and Bora Bora

Reservations Now Open

Each of Oceania Cruises‘ Grand Voyages takes advantage of one of life’s greatest luxuries: time. Above all else, these itineraries were designed for the intrepid explorer, the traveler with an endless wanderlust and a penchant for enjoying the finer things in life.

If these 2024-2025 Grand Voyages or the 2025 World Cruise are intriguing to you, reservations are now open through Global Travel Destinations.

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