How to Plan Your Perfect Vacation

Celebrity Cruises Caribbean shore excursionsYou’ve picked the destination for your next adventure. Now what? What are the things you need to do and when should you do them?

We’ve found that a year out is not too early to start planning. Here’s a timeline we recommend you follow to help make the process seamless … and successful.

START PLANNING – 9-12 months to go

As your personal travel advisor, we can help with accommodation options and the best dates to travel. For involved trips such as Antarctic expeditions and African safaris, and anywhere in the Caribbean over the holidays, booking early – right around a year in advance – is essential. If you’re interested in expedited customs clearance via the Global Entry program, you’ll want to get the application process started about a year out as well.

BOOK THE BASICS – 5-8 months to go

Secure flights, hotels, and required visas, and confirm that your passport is good to go. For many countries, it’s invalid if it expires within six months of your return.

NAIL DOWN DETAILS – 2-4 months to go

We’ll work with you to map out an itinerary, make restaurant reservations, and book tours. Pay attention to logistics, like the fact that many museums in Europe are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays.

DON’T FORGET THE ANIMALS – 1 month to go

Arrange for a sitter to look after your pets, or make a boarding reservation. If boarding, make sure they have the necessary vaccinations.

START PACKING – 1-2 weeks to go

Leave time to pick up last-minute items, such as adapters and travel-size products.

PREP FOR TRANSIT – 1-3 days to go

Set travel alerts on your credit cards, sign up for airline notifications, and download movies, e-books, and apps for your flight.

ARRIVE AT THE AIRPORT – 2 hours to go

… relaxed and with time to spare.

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