Crystal to Offer 1st Luxury Ship Northwest Passage Excursion

Crystal Cruises Northwest Passage ExpeditionIn August 2016, Crystal Cruises will become the first luxury ship to transit the fabled Northwest Passage.  Departing from Anchorage, the all-inclusive Crystal Serenity, will navigate the waterways around Alaska, into the Beaufort Sea, through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and on to Greenland.

Northwest Passage

Crystal Serenity
32 days (18 sea days)
Alaska to New York
Aug 16 – Sep 17, 2016



Crystal Cruises Northwest Passage CruiseThis expeditionary style voyage is designed for the true voyager. The Northwest Passage is lined with spectacular glaciers, towering fjords and incredible ice formations that few have ever seen. You’ll visit areas far beyond the Arctic Circle. You’ll see wildlife that truly is wild. And you’ll have the opportunity to meet the engaging Arctic people.


Crystal Cruises Northwest Passage CruiseCrystal has spent two years to design and plan this epic journey. The August sail date is considered an optimal to travel as the Arctic ice significantly recedes, allowing vessels to safely transit the Passage. The cruise ship will be outfitted with ice searchlights and a forward-looking sonar that will help spot underwater obstacles that may not be charted.

Crystal will have two ice pilots on the bridge and will travel with an escort ship that will be stocked with adventure equipment for onshore excursions.

The Northwest Passage crew includes a 14 member expedition team of naturalists, explorers, scientists, historians and photographers, along with the Captain and an expanded bridge crew.


Crystal Cruises Northwest Passage CruiseWith favorable weather conditions, you will have opportunities to take part in Zodiac landings on glaciers, kayaking in protected bays, and trekking the tundra with an expert guide.

You will be amazed at the wildlife of the once unreachable Arctic. On land, polar bears, narwals, Caribou, and musk-oxen. In the water, humpback, beluga and bowhead whales, seals, and walruses. And in the sky, kittiwakes, guillemots, and murres, the penguin look-alikes that are unique to the Arctic.

Visits by small groups to the Arctic communities are also planned. Limiting the number of people who go onshore at one time will allow for enriching and thoughtful exchanges with the Arctic communities.


Crystal Cruises has been voted World’s Best more than any other in history. It was again ranked #1 on Travel+Leisure’s  2014 World’s Best Awards and is a member of their exclusive Hall of Fame.


Crystal Cruises Northwest Passage CruiseWe are currently taking reservations for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Contact Global Travel Destinations or go to our web site for complete expedition details, itinerary, and pricing. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about this Arctic expedition. Plus, if you book before Sep 1, 2014 you’ll receive $3,000 per person additional savings.

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