Unique Global Journeys on Crystal AirCruises

Crystal AirCruises Boeing 777Crystal AirCruises is offering a first – luxury air cruise travel on extravagant around-the-world trips. Passengers will cruise on the world’s most advanced twin-aisle Boeing 777. Guests will explore the world and iconic destinations in extraordinary style on a boutique collection of 15- to 29-day all-inclusive journeys.

Each itinerary will visit remote and/or sought-after locales, with accommodations at some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts, cuisine prepared by celebrity chefs inspired by the destination, and world-class cultural entertainment.

Crystal AirCruises is offering seven Unique Global Journeys in 2017 and 2018, beginning with its inaugural journey, a 27-day air cruise in partnership with The Peninsula Hotels.

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The Peninsula Grand Inaugural Crystal AirCruise


Crystal AirCruises Peninsula Grand Inaugural

On a journey to 10 of the world’s most exciting cities, enjoy a selection of unique, curated Crystal experiences and bespoke programs by The Peninsula Academy – blending historical, cultural, and lifestyle – while luxuriating in the warm hospitality of The Peninsula Hotels.

Round-trip from New York City.

Destinations: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Paris

Dates: August 30 – September 25, 2017 | 27 days

Fare: $159,000

Around the World: Iconic Sites


Crystal AirCruises Around the World

From the enigmatic moai of Easter Island to the deafening roar of Victoria Falls, this journey reveals some of the world’s most iconic treasures. Explore 10 destinations, from Andean landscapes to the Himalayan plateau. Discover Prague’s contemporary art scene. Drift through the Mekong Delta, the “rice basket” of Vietnam. Listen to the dreaming stories of Anangu people in Uluru and zip-line over the Domaine reserve in Mauritius.

Round-trip from Los Angeles.

Destinations: Los Angeles; Lima, Peru; Easter Island; Uluru (Cairns), Australia; Ho Chi Minh City; Lhasa (Kathmandu), Tibet; Jaipur, India; Mauritius; Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; Prague

Dates: October 20 – November 17, 2017 | 29 days

Fare: $139,000

Holidays Around the World


Crystal AirCruises Holidays Around the World

Want to transform your holidays from hectic to heavenly? Instead of fighting mall madness, you could be dashing through the surf in Bora Bora, ringing in the New Year in Sydney, and shopping for gifts in the souks of Abu Dhabi. From blue lagoons to Bedouin camps, from New Zealand splendors to Down Under wonders, from Jaipur’s pink palaces to the Taj Mahal — give yourself and your family the gift of travel on this joyous holiday AirCruise.

Round-trip from Los Angeles.

Destinations: Los Angeles; Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Queenstown, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; Jaipur, Idia; Abu Dhabi

Dates: December 21, 2017 – January 5, 2018 | 16 days

Fares: From $78,600

Savoring the Winelands


Crystal AirCruises Savoring the Winelands

From Champagne to Bordeaux to the bucolic Cape Winelands, swirl, sip and savor your way around the world on an epicurean odyssey that celebrates the world’s great wine regions. Discover hidden vineyards near Santiago. Learn the art of blending in Cape Town. Savor the Brunellos and Chiantis of Tuscan. Follow the Route des Chateaux in Bordeaux and explore amazing underground cellars in Champagne.

Round-trip from San Francisco.

Destinations: San Francisco; Mendoza, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; Cape Town, South Africa; Tuscany; Bordeaux; Champagne (Paris)

Dates: May 31 – June 15, 2018 | 16 days

Fare: $73,000

Sacred Sites, Seashells & Safaris


Crystal AirCruises Sacred Sites, Seashells & Safaris private jet journeyFrom the Taj Mahal and Victoria Falls to serene temples and speeding bullet trains, this journey contains enough diversity and soul-searing beauty to quicken the pulse of the most experienced traveler – both above and beneath the sea. Visit Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda, Agra’s Taj Mahal and Vienna’s Belvedere Palace. Go on Safari in South Africa and spot the Big Five in Zambezi. Experience ‘Old Asia’ in Myanmar and the underwater wonders of the Maldives.

Round-trip from New York City.

Destinations: New York City; Tokyo; Yangon, Myanmar; Maldives; Agra, India; Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; Cape Town; Vienna

Dates: June 22 – July 13, 2018 | 22 days

Fare: $99,500

Exotic Adventures


Crystal AirCruises Exotic Adventures private jet journey

In an increasingly global world, there are still places that ignite the imagination. The Andean splendor of Machu Picchu. The natural beauty of Ayers Rock. The Taj Mahal, a “marvel in marble,” and magnificent Angkor Wat, a masterpiece of human creative genius.

Round-trip from New York City.

Destinations: New York City; Lima; Easter Island; Uluru (Cairns), Australia; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Lhasa (Kathmandu), Tibet; Agra, India; Cape Town; Abu Dhabi

Dates: September 7 – September 28, 2018 | 22 days

Fare: $99,500

South Pacific Explorer


Crystal AirCruises Exotic Adventures private jet journey

Revel in the undiluted essence of paradise. Dive the waters of Bora Bora and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Ride horseback atop Easter Island’s Terevaka and discover Milford Sound, the “eighth wonder of the world.” Explore stone carved temples in Bali and the Getty Museum in LA.  Wander from wonder to wonder.

Round-trip from Los Angeles

Destinations: Los Angeles; Easter Island; Bali; Cairns, Australia; Queenstown, New Zealand; Bora Bora

Dates: October 12 – October 26, 2018 | 15 days

Fare: $69,500

About Crystal AirCruises

Crystal AirCruises’ privately owned Boeing 777-200LR has been transformed to meet Crystal’s exceptional standards of customization. It is larger and newer than any private jet travel option, appointed with features more commonly found in luxury suites and accommodates just 84 passengers.

The private jet boasts expansive social spaces for dining, full-service bar with lounge seating and Crystal SkyeCellar with more than 300 world-class wines. Crystal Exclusive Class™ seats – handcrafted Welsh flatbed sleeper seats – are fully reclining and designed for supreme comfort.

Crystal’s Skye Butlers provide personalized service and a dedicated Executive Chef prepares Michelin Star-inspired cuisine in two state-of-the-art galleys.

The sophisticated in-flight entertainment system with 24” monitors is the industry’s largest and unlimited Skye-Fi is complimentary.

Please contact us if you would like more information about Crystal AirCruises, detailed itineraries or booking information on any of the seven Unique Global Journeys.

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