Seven Seas Explorer to Offer Culinary Classes to Guests

Seven Seas Explorer Culinary Arts Kitchen

The Culinary Arts Kitchen aboard Seven Seas Explorer will provide guests with all the ingredients to expand their culinary skills in a welcoming environment reminiscent of the most prestigious cooking schools in France in both layout and design.

The culinary workstations are fully equipped with top-of-the-line induction cooktops, stainless steel sinks and a comprehensive collection of cooking essentials.

Guests attending classes in the Culinary Arts Kitchen will receive highly-individualized hands on instruction. The curriculum will appeal to a wide range of tastes and cater to all levels of aptitude, from beginner to experienced chef instructors.


A sampling of the culinary classes that will be available onboard the Seven Seas Explorer, are listed below. Classes will vary by voyage.


Learn the difference between French bistro and haute cuisine, as well as explore the various regional cuisines of France. Sample two French wines and learn the art of pairing French food and wine.


Master signature dishes selected from Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and Spain. Learn why the Mediterranean diet is celebrated as both healthy and abundant in flavor. Sample unique wines from the Mediterranean and taste for yourself why they are perfect pairings for the foods of this majestic cuisine.


We’ve been cooking with fire since the dawn of humankind, but in our modern life we have not exactly perfected it. This class focuses on the mastery of high heat cooking, whether on a grill or stovetop. Learn the secrets of perfect grilling and sautéing, and how to improve the flavor and consistency of your favorite meats. Enhance your ability to cook proteins to your desired internal temperature, whether rare or well done.


In Italy, no dish is more symbolic of home cooking than pasta. Learn how to make pasta from scratch. Master the fundamentals of great pasta cookery, whether using fresh or dried pasta. Then, discover the art of pairing the ideal sauce with the proper pasta…all while enjoying a glass of fine Italian wine. This class also provides insight on how to buy, store and cook with extra virgin olive oil.


From the preparation of an artfully designed cheese plate to the selection of delicate dessert wines, you will expand your repertoire beyond the basics with recipes and tips guaranteed to elevate your next dinner party or entertaining event. In addition, this course covers the fundamentals of working with chocolate.


Explore the Mediterranean diet – reputed to be the healthiest on the planet – and learn how to bring more vegetables, grains, legumes and seasonings into your cooking. The secrets of extra virgin olive oil will be highlighted and you’ll learn the art of “healthifying” traditional favorites. Many techniques and recipes for this class are used in the Canyon Ranch® cooking school and spas.


Expand your appetizer repertoire with trendy and tasty foods to serve at your next cocktail party. Selected from the cuisines around the globe – the Mediterranean, Baltic, Asia, South and Central America and New Zealand – these recipes display great variety and exciting flavors. When you finish class, you’ll be ready to host a fabulous cocktail party with tastes from around the globe.

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