Flying over the Nazca Lines

On Friday, we depart from the Abercrombie & Kent tour for a private flight-seeing tour of the famous Nazca Lines. Most flights are from Pisco Airport which is about 4 hours south of Lima by car. Along the way, we enjoy some time relaxing at beautiful sea-side resort of La Hacienda Bahia in Paracas. Lunch is also included at La Hacienda, but we opt for box lunches after the flight while en route back to Lima. At the airport, we board the 12-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan for the 90 minute flight over the Nazca Lines (30 minutes to Nazca, 30 minutes over the lines and 30 minutes back to Pisco). With our flight at mid-day, the lines are sometimes difficult to see much less photograph. If possible, an earlier or later flight providing more shadows might provide easier viewing. In all, it’s a interesting, but long 10+ hour day. With enough time, a more relaxed option would include an overnight at one of the Paracas beach resorts. After arriving back in Lima, we enjoy a relaxing dinner at Saqra, a wonderful Peruvian restaurant less than 2 blocks from the hotel.  Tomorrow is another early morning with a 5:40 transfer to the airport for our flight to Miami. It’s been an amazing “bucket-list” trip with somewhat of a whirlwind pace.

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