Celebrity Eclipse Staterooms

Lifeboats & Tenders on Deck 6

Lifeboats & Tenders on Deck 6

A unique stateroom category on board the Solstice class ships ( Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse and Silhouette) is an obstructed balcony.  These balcony staterooms are located on Deck 6, one deck above the open deck Promenade.  Lifeboats and tenders hang above this promenade which creates the obstructions for category 2C and 2D staterooms.

In both cases, these obstructions prevent a view downward to the ocean, or along the pier.  However, they do not block the horizon view.  For 2C category, the top of the lifeboats are level with the floor of the balcony, leaving the entire glass balcony wall open for viewing.  For 2D category, the top of the tender is level with the top of the balcony railing.

Feedback from Solstice class guests has been that these categories can be an exceptional value when compared to Oceanview staterooms.  Instead of having an inoperable window or porthole, you are treated to private outside space – prefect for enjoying an early morning coffee or late evening star gazing.  For those that would normally purchase a balcony, these obstructed view balconies may be a bit of a disappointment because of the slightly limited views, a bit less privacy due to the proximity of the promenade and the location on Deck 6, one of the lowest public decks onboard.

Our Advise: If you prefer an oceanview category, make sure you ask us to quote an obstructed balcony – you might find that the upgrade cost is minimal.  If you prefer a balcony, ask us to quote a Concierge Class or AquaClass balcony – you’ll love the extra amenities including private dining in Blu – for what might be a minimal cost.

During the Eclipse Inaugural events, we snapped these pictures from inside a 2D category stateroom.

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