8 Reasons to Work With a Travel Advisor

Shiga Kogen, Japan

Planning a vacation? Here are eight reasons why you should have a trusted travel advisor on your side.


1.  We are “all inclusive”. We’ve already done the research and keep up-to-date on all the latest travel trends. We know where the best deal is on a hotel, the best cruise package, or guided tour.

2.  We help make travel planning a breeze. We pay attention to what you want and can give you travel advice tailored to your tastes.

3.  We know the inside skinny. We are privy to exclusive prices and rates that are not available online. We partner with the best hotels, resorts, and cruise lines worldwide. And, we can offer you amenities like ship credits or insider tours that you won’t have access to anywhere else.

4.  We work for you. We want you to be happy, because if you’re happy chances are you’ll come back and work with us again. Maybe even refer a friend or two.

5.  We know what you need to know. We read the fine print and can translate the terms and conditions into understandable human-speak. We can explain trip and medical insurance and let you know what you need to make sure you and your family are protected. We know what to do in an emergency. In other words, we know the things that will give you peace of mind while on vacation.

6.  We save you time. Your most valuable asset is your leisure time; you don’t want to lose it to endless hours of online travel research. Doing the research on your own may be satisfying, but it does take time – time you could be doing something else, like shopping for your trip!

7.  We provide ongoing service. Our services don’t end once you book your trip. We monitor your reservations, so if a lower price becomes available we can apply it to your reservation. If that room with a view you were wanting becomes available, we will make the necessary changes.

And, most importantly …

8.  We love to travel! We love to travel ourselves and know how valuable first-hand experience is. We believe in visiting the hotels we recommend, knowing the layout of airports – so we can tell you if you have enough time to make your connecting flight. We know what is a great value versus just a great price.

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